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ASUS Introduces the New ASUS Eee Note EA-800


             ASUS has announce the Eee Note digital notepad EA-800— a slim and lightweight handheld tablet device with ultra-sensitive handwriting input that does away with the need to carry bulky notepads and books.


Ultra-sensitive touch-screen stays clear even in broad daylight

             Designed for easy handwritten input using the supplied stylus, the Eee Note has an 8-inch glass touch-screen with a matte finish that mimics the smooth feel of paper. The ultra-sensitive digitizer captures every stroke of the stylus with extreme accuracy on the 2450 DPI screen for pixel-perfect renditions of everything from notes to sketches. Images are displayed in 768x1024 resolution in crisp monochrome, and the non-backlit display stays crisp and clear even in broad daylight.


Features abound

             In addition to its digital notepad features, the Eee Note is also an extremely capable ebook reader. Up to 10,000 ebooks can be stored in the Eee Note’s 4GB of internal memory, which can be further expanded using the external micro SD Card slot. Annotation of books and support for a wide range of ebook and document formats, including PDF and ePub, makes the Eee Note a versatile digital reader for both work and pleasure.

             The integrated 2 megapixel digital camera and voice recorder also allow other types of material to be captured with ease and a wide array of built-in document templates make the Eee Note ideal for recording information in all manner of areas. This makes the Eee Note the ideal digital companion for everyone from students to business professionals.

             With MP3 music files also supported, this means the Eee Note is as capable of playing music and audio books, while the built-in Longman dictionary, calculator and sticky note applications help cut down desktop clutter.


Built-in Wi-Fi for online ebook purchases

             Although capable of carrying a complete, personally annotated library within its slender 520g frame, the Eee Note also provides access to online resources like Wikipedia and ebook retailers via internal Wi-Fi. PC connectivity comes courtesy of a micro USB port, and built-in EverNote support ( also makes two-way synchronisation with other computers in the cloud a cinch. The long 13.5-hour battery life also means the Eee Note can last through even the longest days between recharges.


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Date: 03/12/2010

ASUS Introduces the ASUS Eee Reader DR900 - the World's First 9-inch Touch-Screen Ebook Reader


             Those who love to read on the go will rejoice at the arrival of the new ASUS Eee Reader DR900. With a 9-inch screen that offers 2.25 times the reading area compared to 6-inch ebook readers, this sleek device is ideal for reading material ranging from novels to comic books — and everything else in between.


Highly portable, long battery life

             Less than 10mm thick and weighing just 440g, the Eee Reader is a highly portable travelling companion that can be taken on any journey, whether it’s the daily commute or a long-haul flight. Its 2GB of internal storage (expandable via SD Card) can store up to 5,000 ebooks and the two-week battery life is long enough to read 20 novels back-to-back between recharges.

             This ultra-low power consumption is possible because the Eee Reader’s SiPix electrophoretic display only uses power to change its image, not to maintain it. Page turns are virtually instant and the monochrome image is as crisp as ink printed on paper. Better still, the screen stays clear even in broad daylight, making so it’s as easy to read on the beach as it is under a bedside light.


Easy to use touch-screen interface

             The Eee Reader’s 9-inch capacitive touch-screen also removes the need for a physical keyboard and delivers a simple and intuitive user interface. Readers both young and old can master the Eee Reader in minutes, and with built-in Wi-Fi and optional 3G, it puts a world of reading material at everyone’s fingertips.


Product Highlights:

•9-inch SiPix electrophoretic display reflects light like paper to mimic a printed page, giving a more natural and more comfortable reading experience than backlit LCD displays.

•Capacitive touch-screen with a virtual keyboard can be used to annotate reading material, make handwritten notes and even draw sketches.

•Buy ebooks no matter where you are, thanks to the WebKit-based browser and built-in Wi-Fi, plus optional 3G.

•Read non-stop for up to four days on battery power with Wi-Fi enabled, and up to two weeks with Wi-Fi disabled.

•High-quality text-to-speech supports for 23 languages, giving instant conversion of ebooks into audio books.

•No thicker than a pencil (221 x 191 x 9.7mm) and weighs just 440g (Wi-Fi model).


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Date: 03/12/2010

Creative Launches ZiiSoundTM T6 - the Premium Speakers that Deliver the Highest Quality Wireless Audio with Surround Sound


             Creative Technology Ltd. has announced the Creative Creative ZiiSoundTM T6 – the latest addition to its extensive Pure Wireless speaker family. The all new speaker system assumes the position of the flagship Surround Sound wireless speaker in the Pure Wireless speaker range

             Like its predecessors, the ZiiSound T6 retains the characteristics that have made the Pure Wireless speaker range a success:


•Works with all compatible stereo Bluetooth devices like notebooks, netbooks, the iPhone, iPad, PCs, Macs and tablet computers

•Quality wireless audio transmission

•Fast and easy connection


             The ZiiSound T6 personifies everything the Pure Wireless speaker range is, where speakers have been engineered for wireless audio perfection, based on Creative’s in-house wireless technology reference system – an engineering optimisation that brings out the best wireless audio performance in Bluetooth and apt-X technologies for speakers.

             Each ZiiSound T6 speaker system comes with the following audiophile-grade features that guarantee performance that is beyond best-in-class:


•Swivel satellite top drivers for Surround or Stereo applications

•USB 5.1 audio (software decoder required)

•High performance low latency apt-X codec

•Audiophile-grade satellite drivers

•Creative SLAMTM three-driver-subwoofer, with its signature deep, tight bass delivers Low Frequency Effects (LFE) that can be felt


             The ZiiSound T6 now brings the wireless speaker experience further than any previous speaker in the Pure Wireless range – it delivers high quality wireless Surround Sound, as well as 5.1 Surround content via a wired USB connection:


Wireless Surround Sound

             The apt-X high performance low latency codec enabled speaker system comes with a subwoofer and a pair of adjustable Swivel-Speaker-Array satellites that give users the option for stereo music or “theatre-like” Surround Sound streamed from wireless apt-X devices – such as netbooks, notebooks and tablet computers like the ZiiO Pure Wireless Entertainment Tablet – for a completely immersive wireless music, movie and gaming experience. What is more is that it transforms all compatible stereo Bluetooth devices into a wireless remote control. 


USB 5.1 Surround

             The ZiiSound T6 also offers users the option of enjoying 5.1 Surround content via a wired USB connection. The three-piece-system is capable of “full-bandwidth” audio from 5.1 digital soundtracks. With sound pressure levels to fill compact-sized living rooms, the ZiiSound T6 takes entertainment beyond the desktop and is the ideal companion speaker system to new age media entertainment centres and the ever growing wireless hand-held ownership.


ZiiSound T6 Key Features


•Seamless wireless music streaming with any compatible stereo Bluetooth tablet    PC, smartphone, music phone, netbook, notebook, media entertainment centre and just about every Bluetooth A2DP enabled device

•Built-in high performance low latency audio codec for superior Bluetooth audio

•Swivel-Speaker-Array for Surround Sound

•Creative SLAM Subwoofer for deep, tight bass

•IR remote for improved convenience/control

•Audiophile-grade drivers deliver silky smooth music and movie playback

•Enjoy 5.1 digital movie or game soundtracks when connected via wired USB to a PC, netbook or notebook

*  5.1 decoder software required


             The ZiiSound T6 comes supplied with the BT-D1 Bluetooth USB transmitter (worth £39.99) and for this promotional period, the BT-D5 iPod/iPhone/iPad Bluetooth transmitter (worth £39.99) will also be included absolutely free!


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Date: 03/12/2010

Creative Launches ZiiO Tablets and ZEN Touch 2 that Reshape the World of Wireless Entertainment with Pure Android Audio


              Creative Technology Ltd. has announced the release of a new Pure Wireless Entertainment solution comprising of Creative ZiiO 7" and ZiiO 10" Pure Wireless Entertainment Tablets, Creative ZEN Touch 2 Wireless Entertainment Device and Creative WP-300 Bluetooth Headphones. These new offerings together with Creative's already extensive range of Pure Wireless speakers, give users everywhere the most complete pure wireless entertainment system available today.


Creative ZiiO Pure Wireless Entertainment Tablet

             The Creative ZiiO touch tablet - the world's first apt-X enabled touch screen tablet - which runs on Android, delivers the best wireless audio performance you will get from an Android™-based tablet in the market, differentiating it from similar devices.

             In the actual device, this seamless superior wireless audio quality has been achieved with the Pure Android Audio application and the apt-X codec found in each Creative ZiiO tablet:


1.    The Pure Android Audio application: A unique fully upgradable comprehensive easy-to-use integrated suite of applications for the purest wireless audio experience that allows you to access all your audio enhancement and wireless connectivity setting at a touch of an onscreen button. The technologies housed under Pure Android Audio currently include:


•X-Fi Crystalizer for Crystal Clear Audio in Your Music

Digital music today pales in comparison to the real thing. That is because important details disappear in the high and low ranges when you rip your CDs into digital music. X-Fi Crystalizer intelligently restores lost detail and enhances your digital audio content to amazing clarity.

•X-Fi Expand for Expansive Audio in Your Movies and Games

X-Fi Expand intelligently expands your game and movie soundtracks into an immersive audio experience with a breathtakingly realistic depth of field. The effect becomes most apparent when used with earphones - you will feel as if you are listening to your game or movie soundtracks from a pair of high-end speakers instead of earphones.

•Bluetooth  2.1 Wireless Technology

Together with the apt-X codec, Bluetooth allows you to stream high fidelity stereo wirelessly to all compatible stereo Bluetooth speakers and headphones, such as the ZiiSound D5, ZiiSound T6 (the all new premium 2.1 speaker with Surround Sound) and Creative WP-300.


2.      The High Performance Low-Latency apt-X Codec: The high performance codec allows Creative ZiiO to deliver high quality audio wirelessly to compatible apt-X Bluetooth speakers and headphones. Just like other touch screen tablets, the easy-to-use device lets you check your emails on-the-go, watch their favourite movies (Creative ZiiO lets you connect the tablet to a larger screen via a HD cable for an enhanced movie viewing experience if you wish), as well as play your music and casual games. You can also download applications from the Internet and ZiiStore; this versatile touch screen device runs on the Android operating system, enabling you to easily install more applications from tens of thousands of cool choices on the Web for free.


             Creative ZiiO is available in 7" (480 x 800) and 10" (1024 x 600) display models. The 7" model is in white, while the 10" model is in black. Both models come in 8GB and 16GB memory capacities.


•Compact Touch Screen Tablet

•Stunning 16.8 million (7" version ) and 262K color (10" version) display for laser sharp images

•Android 2.1 Operating System

•Bluetooth 2.1 EDR (with apt-X and A2DP)

•Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g capable

•X-Fi Audio Enhancements (X-Fi Crystalizer, X-Fi Expand)

•Audio Supported: MP3, AAC, WMA9, FLAC, OGG, ADPCM, MIDI, WAV, Audible Format 4

•Video Supported: H.264, MPEG4, WMV9, MJPEG, MOV, AVI, MKV

•HD Video-Out

•Photo Supported: JPG, BMP, PNG

•Front facing camera

•Built-in Mic

•Built-in Speaker (stereo)


•Playtime: Up to 25 hrs (MP3), up to 5 hrs (video)

•microSD (7") / SD (10") card slot (up to 32GB)


207.4 x 133 x 13.7 mm (7" version)

262 x 173 x 13.7 mm (10" version)


400g (7" version)

650g (10" version)


Creative ZEN Touch 2 Wireless Entertainment Device

             The next offering in the Pure Wireless Entertainment range of devices is the Creative ZEN Touch 2 - great for users looking for a pocket-sized wireless entertainment device. With Creative ZEN Touch 2 you can enjoy pure wireless audio streamed to your favourite Bluetooth headphones and speakers. At the touch of an onscreen icon you can also access the Internet. This means that you will be able to share photos taken from the built-in camera through your favourite website or stay connected with friends via email - all on-the-go!


Creative ZEN Touch 2 comes in two versions, a standard version and an enhanced version that comes with extra GPS, Digital Compass and FM Radio features.


•3.2" Touch Screen

•Lossless Music

•Android 2.1 Operating System

•Bluetooth 2.1

•High Speed Wi-Fi access (802.11b/g/n)


•Built-in Speaker

•2-Megapixel Camera

•Composite Video-Out

•microSD Card Slot

•GPS, Digital Compass, FM Radio (Available with the enhanced version)


Creative WP-300 Pure Wireless Headphones

             The third offering in the Pure Wireless Entertainment system are the Creative WP-300 apt-X codec enabled wireless headphones, designed to allow you to listen to high quality music from your favorite Bluetooth enabled mobile device, such as a netbook, notebook, smartphone, iPhone, iPad or touch screen tablet. The Creative WP-300 pairs seamlessly and easily to the Creative ZiiO Tablet and the Creative ZEN Touch 2, giving you a compelling wireless listening experience for your music and game soundtracks.

             Take your wireless experience to the next level with high quality headphones that are completely wireless, but give you the same audio quality as high performance wired headphones.


•Plays high fidelity music and movies from compatible Bluetooth mobile devices wirelessly from up to 10 metres

•Precise audio from professionally tuned performance Neodymium drivers

•Superb audio-video synchronisation from highly efficient apt-X Bluetooth technology•Flat-fold earcups let you fit headphones easily into your bag•Easy access earcup controls for making quick playback and volume level adjustments •Lightweight, on-ear design with soft ear padding allows for a comfortable extended use •Comes with a soft travel pouch for portable convenience


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ZiiO Pure Wireless Tablet

ZEN Touch 2 Wireless

WP-300 Bluetooth Headphones

Date: 03/12/2010